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There’s no doubt about it: the wildly beautiful state of Idaho truly is a sportsman’s paradise. Here in picturesque Idaho Falls, the home of Ross Coin & Gun, you’re always just 10 minutes away from a peaceful place to shoot your gun or wet your line. Idaho is God’s Country; as we locals like to say, “God made Heaven and earth, and on the eighth day he made Idaho.”
Hunters: In and around Idaho Falls, you’ll find mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, elk, moose, bear, mountain goats, Rock Mountain sheep, mountain lions, and turkey. Located smack in the middle of the Pacific Flyway for ducks and geese, waterfowl hunting is abundant too: you’ll find pheasant, doves, grouse, sage hens, and sharp tails. Of course we also hunt varmint year-round (squirrels, rock chucks, coyotes, foxes, and rabbits.)
Idahoans are friendly and gun-friendly. In the mood to bust some caps and targets? How about sporting clays or trap? Ross Coin and Gun can hook you up. We’ve got all kinds of shotguns and plenty of inexpensive ammo to load them with. We also service long-range shooters who shoot 1000-yard to 2500-yard, 50-caliber, 338 Lapua, and 308 guns.

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